4-oz Portion Control Scooper/Server

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It turns out that much of what is recommended as a vegetable serving size, or a serving of starch or fruit is about 1/2 cup or 4-oz. How many of us really know what that looks like? So in the spirit of “Making It Easy to Eat Well”, we have decided to include this 4 oz portion control serving spoon as a part of our portion control assortment. We are calling it the Portion Control Scooper, really a Portion Control Ladle.

For best results, use it for your starch and grains. That is one of the problem areas where we need the most help.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 13.2 × 4.3 × 8.9 in

7 reviews for 4-oz Portion Control Scooper/Server

  1. Sharon L Montag

    They look great, but since I just got them today, I haven’t had a chance to use them.

  2. Tomeka Watkinson

    Easy to use and helps me know how much I’m serving

  3. Anonymous

    The portion control scooper helps you to compare how much you actually eat to what you really should be eating. Makes portion control more realistic. Dieters will find the scooper very helpful.

  4. MsKim

    PERFECT! It makes measuring 4z sooo easy!

  5. annamarie fardella

    the scooper really is no big deal a regular scooper is just as good the only difference is the measurement of it is on it and also pedometers were included in the order and they were not shipped to me i am still waiting for them

  6. Ricky Tootle

    One of the Portion Servers was broke when it arrive and would like to see how I get it replace.

  7. Kyle Shetterly

    works great

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