Get In Shape Without Giving Up On

The Foods You Love

Admit It…

This is not the first time you’ve been looking for a proven way to manage your weight!

You don't want to starve yourself but you want to look good too. You want to be healthy but you love your food too. And we have a perfect formula for that.

But first let's focus on what you have tried that has not worked in the past.

You’ve probably tried Keto, Atkins, fasted intermittently, gulped $500 supplements or tried some other highly touted method – and for what?

So you can do it all over again because you skipped a few days?

These old methods are NOT worth it!

PLUS...No Matter How Hard You Try ..It's going to come back anyways!

Let's be honest with ourselves?

Can we really give up carbs permanently?

Can we really do intermittent fasting permanently?

Can we really give up eating the foods that we love permanently?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, then it's obvious that what you tried were temporary methods of losing weight and not long term solutions.

And we are here to tell you that you can eat everything that you like and still lose weight forever.

Don't believe us? Check out these videos !

This SECRETS that we are about to share with you are actually used by Hollywood actors

to lose or gain weight whenever they want for a movie role – AND it is nothing intense!

This SECRET method lets them know exactly what they will weigh before they go on set.

And we have bundled all the SECRETS together in our six-week nutrition Bootcamp program

My name is Ann-Marie Stephens, founder of Precise Portions

And I GIVE YOU MY WORD that this method is 100% backed by science, vetted by the British Journal of Nutrition and EVERYONE who signed up for this has achieved THEIR DESIRED WEIGHT without giving up on their favorite foods, starving, going on some fad diet or spending countless hours at the gym.


But there's a catch!

We want to show you a way that will keep you FIT and HEALTHY and Your IDEAL WEIGHT all your life!

But for that we need your patience, we need your time and we need you to learn new ways of eating right, more of a lifestyle change than a diet change....

Are You Game For It?

The results my daughter and I have noticed in six weeks made me think the scales were broken.

--AMBER OTTOMAN, Attendee Precise Portions 6-week Nutrition BootCamp, Aurora, Colorado

Where other weight-loss methods made me feel guilty, I learned things from this BootCamp that helped me build confidence!

--SHARON GUILICK, Attendee, Precise Portions 6-week Nutrition BootCamp, Tucson, Arizona

'For Six Full Weeks, 3 Top US Nutritionists will GIVE YOU the knowledge, the tools and support you need on your path to uncover the #1 SECRET PSEUDO nutritionists do not want you to know about getting in shape!

These methods, tools and the teachings in our 6-week Nutrition BootCamp have been PROVEN effective.



Meet Your Coaches


Ann Marie Stephens, Co-Founder of Precise Portions

Robin Nwankwo, MPH, RDN, CDCES

Cathy Bowers, RD, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist


So how long will it take for you to notice progress? Six weeks!
That’s why we call it the six-week nutrition Bootcamp.



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