Precise Portions Complete Portion & Nutrition Control System Kits (set 2)


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Redefining portion sizes is the simple, proven way to properly manage your health and your weight. Precise Portions offers a portion control system that helps you and yours to eat healthy and improve your eating habits for life, with style.

-No more guessing portions incorrectly
-Easy enough for a child to serve meals
-Physician & Dietitian approved

Introducing the Precise Portions Complete Family Portion & Nutrition Control Systems Kits. There are 4 place settings included. The best way to manage your nutrition, weight, blood sugar levels, metabolism and blood pressure, while you continue to enjoy the foods you already love.
Reverse Overeating
Cardiac Eating Maintenance
Management of Diabetes through eating
Sustained Weight Control
Optimum Family Diet and Health

Durable, beautiful and convenient, Premium Starter Kit is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Complete Lifestyle Starter Set includes every tool you need to develop or maintain a complete nutritional strategy – one that will get you the results you want and to continue succeeding.

Your Premium Portion & Nutrition Control System Kits include:

2 – 9″ FOCUS coupe plate
2 – 10″ LIFE-style rim plate (no writing)
2 – 6″ Side Plate (bread/dessert)
2 – 18oz Cereal/Soup Bowl
2 – 8oz Snack Bowl
2 – 10″oz Beverage Glass
2 Sets of Eat & Learn Nutrition Discs – NEW!

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