Eco 100% Disposable Dinnerware Pack for Diabetes and Weight Management – Inventory Clearance Sale



Afraid that you might let go of yourself during an out-door party or picnic? Don’t be! Precise portions now introduces 100% compostable/disposable, dietitian developed, microwave safe portion control plates, cups and bowls that have been especially designed for outdoor use.

Our disposable dinner plates are food-safe, unbleached, attractive, sturdy, freezer safe, diabetic-friendly, easy to store, microwaveable and 100% environmentally friendly.

Product Benefits

Precise Portions Nutrition Control System makes it easy to:

  • Achieve Optimum Family Diet, Health & Sustained Weight Control
  • Easy Nutrition, Caloric Balance & Maintenance for Life
  • Perfect for Cardiac & Diabetes Maintenance
  • NO Guesswork! No Measuring! No Counting!
  • Perfect for Salads, Snacks & Desserts
  • Nutrition Control System helps you and yours eat healthy and improve eating habits for life!

Key Advantages

  • Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educators Developed
  • 100% ECO – compostable, disposable dinnerware
  • Redefine portion sizes
    • Manage your blood sugar levels
    • Manage your diabetes health and weight
  • Measurement system discreetly integrated into the design
  • Good for the whole family – get kids learning how to eat well right away


For a diabetic, control is everything. Anything that helps control the amount of food they eat or control the amount of glucose or carb intake, helps in their fight against diabetes. One of the best ways to control how much a diabetic eats is through the use of visual control methods – such as serving food on smaller plates and paying attention to the type and quantity of food that is put on a plate. What better way to do it than by using our 100% compostable one-time use portion control dinnerware? Each portion control compostable dinner / starter plate has elegantly implemented raised icons depicting the food groups for that particular section of the dinner plate, or perfectly marked ridges on our bowls or cups. No more guesswork – the presence of these raised food group icons makes it easy to make healthier food choices.

More Benefits

For your convenience, the Eat & Learn System Discs double as a placemat, putting important nutritional information right where you need it most: in front of you at mealtime. These System Discs are a powerful tool for you, your family and your doctor or nutritionist. On one side of your Eat & Learn System Discs, you’ll see simple, nutrition guidelines that help you create low calorie, nutrient-rich meals. On the other is a daily menu planning aid to help you keep track of your daily calorie and nutrient intake, plus lots of straight-forward information about the food groups, snack ideas and a quick guide to diet plans that are right for you. Available with the Compostable Portion Control Dinner plates in this Nutrition Control Value Pack.

Technical Details and Specifications

The Precise Portions Value Pack includes:

  • 25 – Eco 100% Compostable 3-Section Starter Plates
  • 25 – 10″ ECO Dinner Plates: very guest friendly with raised icons to send those visual cues
  • 25 – 6″ ECO Side Plate: for salads, breads or dessert
  • 25 – 16oz ECO Cereal/Soup Bowl: with ½ cup ridges indicate integrated into the design
  • 25 – 10″oz ECO Beverage Cups: with 4-oz ridges integrated in the design (for cold beverages only)
  • 2 – 11″ Eat & Learn System Placemat Discs: Pulls it all together for you… to make the system as easy as 1, 2, 3!

More Advantages:

  1. Microwave safe.
  2. Freezer safe.
  3. Food safe.
  4. Unbleached.
  5. Oil and cut resistant.
  6. Elegantly implemented raised food groups icons.
  7. Sturdy – no buckling when full.
  8. 100% compostable.
  9. Aids in calorie control.

Nutritionists, dietitians and results agree: the best way to manage your weight, blood sugar, metabolism and blood pressure is to eat healthy, because you’ll have more energy, feel better and improve your overall health. The easiest way to do this is through portion control – to keep eating the foods you enjoy in proper proportion for balanced and healthy nutrition.


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