Diabetes Bundle


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PrecisePortions helps those in need of a PRECISE, but TASTY DIET:

  • Blood glucose level in check
  • Healthier life and Enjoy Living
  • Natural weight management and Exact Portions. Our plates don’t accept more food than you need, sorry.
  • Salt-free & super tasty meals in 30 minutes -> delicious, mouth-watering easy to prepare meals ( you’re welcome )
  • Good health requires a responsible diet. Respect your diet ( you’ll thank us later )
  • Don’t give up on taste. Super tasty and healthy well-balanced food portions make time and dieting more enjoyable.
  • Do It Yourself, Do It At Home is how you can help yourself, us and THE ENTIRE WORLD. Be a diet hero!

Be responsible when dieting.

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Eating the right amount of each kind of food is what our bodies naturally need. Our portion guidance plates have been developed during years of study and analysis by expert dietitians and health professionals to make it easy for you to only eat what your body naturally needs. Thus, helping you and your body show your most natural healthy look.

Dietitian Developed | Science Based ToolsIf you’ve got serious weight loss goals or any food related challenges to address e.g. diabetes, the portion guidance plate is precisely for you! This elegantly dietitian-designed tempered glass 9.5″ portion guidance plate follows all of the best practices for eating well. By eating well, we mean the right foods, in the right amounts and in the right proportion. And no, we don’t mean it has to taste bad either. We mean you get to enjoy your meal.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Guiding Plate: Precise Portions new Lifestyle Portion Guidance Plate is the beautiful way to eat the right amount of the foods you love. Add a touch of elegance to your dietary guidance.
    • LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY: just by eating the right amount of each kind of food, you will join the 10,000+ US customers who now feel fitter, healthier and sexier.
    • DEVELOPED BY EXPERT DIETITIANS: the guidelines on our plates have been designed to take the guesswork out of eating well
    • ELEGANT DESIGN: unlike other tools, our 9.5in plates don’t stand out for their portion and nutrition control features but for their beauty that will impress your guests.
  • 1 Nutrition Quick Start Guide: This new Nutrition Guide makes meal planning personal just for you. Use it daily for best results. You can save it for your nutritionist or physician to review and give you added suggestion on how to further achieve your goals. This portion control guide gives you quick tips on vegetable servings, meat portions, suggested snacks and more, including the bonus section of “free” foods to eat and drink!
  • 1 SAJE Salt-Free, Organic Spice Blend Pouch: Add a little extra bite to your right-size portions with this line of spices that can make meat, veggies and virtually every course in a meal as tasty as possible. These Caribbean heritage-created spices are as easy as could be, and are designed to act just like a seasoning rub. Simply combine 2-3 healthy flavors like our Basil Infused olive oil to turn treating your body right, into treating your taste buds right as well.
  • BONUS – Free SAJE Spice Blend Recipe eBook: Our FREE recipe eBook help you trigger more ideas and other meals that you can prepare very easily.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 10 in
SAJE Spice Blend / Flavor

Calypso Italian Seasoning, Coconut Curry Blend, Smoky Calypso Jerk Blend, Chili Calypso Blend, Pink Himalayan Seasoning Sea Salt


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