Complete Lifestyle Starter Set for 1 (incl. Eat & Learn Placemat System Discs)

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Redefining portion sizes is the simple, proven way to properly manage your health and your weight. Precise Portions offers a portion control system that helps you and yours to eat healthy and improve your eating habits for life – With Style and No Guess Work!

Introducing the Precise Portions Complete Lifestyle Starter Set – Nutrition Control System. The best way to manage your nutrition, weight, blood sugar levels, metabolism and blood pressure, while you continue to enjoy the foods you already love.

All Precise Portions dinnerware is developed by dietitians using the most current guidelines from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; and the American Diabetics Association and crafted from beautiful, chip-resistant Porcelain China. It is attractive, durable and convenient, 100% dishwasher/microwave safe; Lead free and Cadmium free.

Your Premium Starter Portion Control Kit includes everything you need to achieve the results you want. There’s never been an easier way to stay on track for success, all Precise Portions dinnerware follows the most up-to-date guidelines from the USDA MyPlate Initiative, as well as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Diabetics Association.

Crafted from beautiful Porcelain China and with portion control markings artfully disguised within an attractive design, this is dinnerware you can be proud of, you certainly won’t be rushing to hide it when company drops by. In fact, they can even use it themselves and won’t ever be the wiser!

Durable, beautiful and convenient, Premium Starter Kit is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Complete Lifestyle Starter Set includes every tool you need to develop or maintain a complete nutritional strategy, one that will get you the results you want and to continue succeeding.

Premium Starter Kit includes

  • 1 – 9″ FOCUS coupe plate
  • 1 – 10″ LIFE-style rim plate (no writing)
  • 1 – 6″ Side Plate (bread/dessert)-
  • 1 – 18oz Cereal/Soup Bowl
  • 1 – 8oz Snack Bowl
  • 1 – 10″oz Beverage Glass
  • 1 Set of Eat & Learn Nutrition Discs – NEW!

The Portion Control Porcelain Plates

Your 9” FOCUS portion control dinner plate. With helpful dietary guidelines printed right on the plate itself, you’ll always have easy access to important serving information. Remember: just stay inside the lines.

The 10” LIFE-style portion control plate is easy to use & beautiful: Choose the foods you enjoy most, place them on the appropriate section of the plate and keep it inside the lines, that’s it. Proper portion control that’s delicious, simple, effective, & guest friendly.

Do you like dessert? We like dessert, too, and we asked our team of dieticians help us figure out how we could all continue to enjoy it. Now you don’t have to resist the temptation, because as long as you keep your sweet treats within the lines on your 6” portion control dessert plate, it’s all part of your action plan.

The Portion Control Porcelain Bowls – Pre-measured

Your 18oz portion control bowl is decorated with ½ Cup, 1Cup and 1½ Cups measurements artfully integrated into a leaf-motif design. This is our way of ensuring you eat the same amount every time with No Measuring, and No Guess Work. Yes, effective portion control can be very stylish.

Your 8oz Snack Bowl, is clearly delineated into 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz measurements. Accurately serving the correct amount of Almonds, Pistachios, and other nuts as well as other snacks is the healthy low calorie way to eat.

Your Portion Control Beverage Glass – Pre-measured

Your 10oz Portion Control Beverage Glass is decorated with 4oz and 8oz measurements clearly and discreetly marked. This is a very attractive way to guarantee drinking the correct amount of fruit juice, or low fat milks each and every time.

Eat & Learn System Discs – Laminated Placemat

Your Precise Portions Premium Starter Kit – Nutrition Control System also comes with 1 set of 2 – double-sided Eat & Learn System Discs. On one side, you’ll see simple, nutrition guidelines that help you create low calorie nutrient rich meals. On the other is a daily menu planning aid to help you keep track of your daily intake. Also included are starting menu plans based on your personal calorie budget.

Nutritionists, dietitians and results agree: the best way to manage your weight, blood sugar, metabolism and blood pressure is to eat healthy, because you’ll have more energy, feel better and improve your overall health.

The easiest way to do this is through portion control, to keep eating the foods you enjoy in proper proportion. Quickly see the results you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle with this Complete Starter Set!

Designed by registered dietitians using current nutritional guidelines Elegantly-styled Porcelain China portion control dinnerware Completely safe for use in the microwave or dishwasher High quality, chip-resistant finish Lead and Cadmium Free

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30 reviews for Complete Lifestyle Starter Set for 1 (incl. Eat & Learn Placemat System Discs)

  1. carolyn

    The shipping was awesome. I ordered on a Sunday and received it on Tuesday. I love the whole set. They look like real dishes and no one has to know that you are watching you portions.

  2. Barry Mayworm

    Very good system because it is simple and it is visual.
    No measuring, weighing, or counting. No diaries and food logs.

  3. Anonymous

    Love the dishes
    However, wonder if they can be done in plastic, not porcelain for a better price and durability?
    Or a 9″ plate that just has the leaf pattern on it?

  4. Jerri Riley

    Love the pattern and the size of my set. Will be ordering again soon.

  5. Pamela Losik

    I’ve tried every diet you can think with very little success. In reality it wasn’t what I was eating, but how much I was eating! How excited I was to receive my Eat and Learn system today. Everything arrived promptly and I know it is just what I need to get my eating habits under control!!!

  6. lee white

    I just placed my order and i cant wait to get them in the mail….. i know this will help me in my weight loss journey…. because i can workout and eat healthy but its just my portion control i do not have control of…..

  7. A. Li

    This set totally taught me about how large my portions have been, especially the carbs. I don’t know which is my favorite the bowl, the bread plate, the cup, the lifestyle plate, or the 9″ one. I love them all! The ease of use is also a definite plus. Thanks for creating such a great product that I know will change my lifestyle for the better 😀

  8. Anonymous

    everything arrived in great shape and I love it all would love to have a cup (coffee/tea) to go with it. thank you

  9. Anonymous

    Quality and beneficial product.

  10. Pat P.

    Yes I am using the dishes. They are great. Being newly diagnosed is very stressful. I didn’t realize how big my servings had gotten. The plate is an ideal tool. It is a real wake up call. Thanks again, Pat P.

  11. lynn rickman

    Much better than expected, printed material is also excellent. Gave a set as a gift and she is totally loving it

  12. Carrie Kennedy

    Arrived damaged. Took several days for a response. Playing email 20 questions. Disappointed that each plate, bowl have same theme but different colors.

  13. A Paige Beck

    I love these dishes. I wish the smaller sets of plates did into have the writing on them. One of the shallow bowls was broken when I received my order. I called the 800 number and was very pleased with the service I received. A replacement bowl is on it’s way.

  14. Anonymous

    I ordered settings for my family at home for personal use; everything arrived in excellent condition and everyone in my family loves them. Even my husband — an architect — appreciates the design quality. I am excited that I no longer have to eat out of measuring cups, and can serve and entertain on high quality settings that support health!

  15. JW Van Tonder

    Well done, I wasn’t expecting my parcel to arrive in South Africa so soon! Fragile contents were well cushioned inside the box. Great service on top of a great product.

  16. Shari

    These dishes were introduced to me at a cardio rehab class. I fell in love with them right away as I also go to Weight Watchers where its all about portion control.Making portion control effortless, I had to have them. So glad I found and ordered these. Besides being beautiful, they came packaged extremely well, I had NO breakage. The quality is supurb and I look forward to ordering more. You will not regret getting these lovely dishes to help you on your journey.

  17. Kyle Shetterly

    everything was intact when it arrived. I could not find any information on how the small plate and bowl were to used. The pamphlet on the glass, plate and regular bowl servings was very helpful

  18. Edrie Bays

    Product was as advertised and will be useful. One glass arrived with a scratch that makes it look cracked. With medical emergencies occurring, haven’t had time to contact company.

  19. Anonymous

    I didn’t realise until I starting using precise portions how much I was over eating. It makes portion control much easier. Being able to get the full set is so convenient.

  20. Linda B.

    As a Registered Dietitian, I have counseled thousands of patients over the last twenty years. Along with advising people on what foods to eat, how to cook them and how much of a portion they should eat, I have also advised that they should eat from attractive dishes. Since eating is more than just ingesting foods…it is an experience. When changing a person’s diet, the food should be attractively presented and fit for a king or queen. After all aren’t we important enough to eat from nice dinnerware? A paper plate just won’t do. This is especially important for the gastric bypass patients who are now eating very tiny portions.

    Precise Portions has the perfect dinnerware to meet my professional criteria. Their plates, bowls and little saucers are all marked in an attractive design to indicate portion amounts. They also have a flat bowl that is small but because of the flatness, it shows you more of the food, so you feel like you are eating more.

    When I used the dishes myself, I realized the food tasted better, and I ate less. I was stunned. I never expected that response. I bought some bowls, and saucers for all my friends as Christmas gifts. Everyone loves them, and continues to comment to me how often they use them and they love the design on them.

    When I ordered the small, dainty saucers I had no idea what I would use them for…..what a shock. I use them for everything. Every time I run the dishwasher there are at least 10 to 15 in there. Whenever I have people over for dinner my table looks lovely with the attractive and functional dinnerware from Precise Portions.

    I LOVE my dishes and all my friends LOVE theirs. They hold up well in the dishwasher and I have not broken a single one.

  21. YT

    The dishes are high quality.

  22. Patsi C.

    The quality of the plate set is outstanding – pretty enough for company. Ordering and shipping was quick and easy. I’ve already share my experience with everyone at my Weight Watchers meeting!

  23. Holly K.

    I just wanted to let you know I received my package.Again thank you for all your help as I am struggling to figure out this new way of life habits your company has given me a perfect tool to better myself I know some may say it is only a portion control plate but it is a very important tool in a very hard life change so again thank you and your company not only for a the great customer service great product but also a piece of the puzzle to save my life.

    Holly K.

  24. Janine Johnston

    I actually ended up getting 2 sets (one was shipped accidentally and I decided to keep it). I’ve used both plates, but at the moment still prefer the smaller plate.

    The reason I said minor issues is that I recently finally opened the second set and there was a minor flaw in the large dinner plate, nothing huge, but the outer rim didn’t cover properly. Also, the glass that came with it was shorter, fatter, and the coloring was different. It didn’t measure properly.

    However, I still gave it 5 stars because it has really helped me in portion control. Even though I was eating pretty healthy (wheat/gluten intolerant) it keeps me conscious of what I am eating.

    I bought this because I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and trying to lose/control my weight. I lost 2 aunts and an uncle to Type 2 and a brother has it, so I don’t want to go there.

    I’m just really happy that someone thought this up. It just makes it all around easier.

  25. James Still

    Thank you for an excellent product for both quality design along with nutrition control through precise portions.

  26. Aileen O’Hare

    The complete set is wonderful. Each product is very easy to understand.

  27. Karl Snyder

    Because the way your boxes are put together I got a broken butter dish and a scratched glass. When I got my package I had only seen the broken butter dish I called and left a message on the voicemail that said my problem would be addressed quickly. I got no call no voicemail and no butter dish and since then I noticed that because the dish was broken it scratched the glass really badly. It would be a pleasant surprise to get some help on this.

  28. Amber Mayhon

    Great quality product! I am so impressed with the quality of my set and the educational info that came with it.

  29. Kay

    I changed my eating habits for health and weight loss and was looking for helpful tools to support my efforts. Since I received this Lifestyle Starter set, I love it! The visual markings on the plates, bowl and drinking glass help to remind me what a healthy serving size is and to watch my portions; they also enable me to manage my portions in front of family and others without having to make a big fuss of measuring everything. All of the dinnerware is of extremely good quality and looks lovely – I was pleasantly surprised. The laminated Eat & Learn placemat discs offer concise reminders and information about proper portion sizes for different types of foods, as well as helpful charts for determining calorie budget, and also some suggested meal plans. I love this product and highly recommend it!

  30. Ingrid

    We purchased these for a large event as a few prizes and they were a hit.

    Fantastic for visualization of correct portions and keeping a balanced plate.

    Dietitian approved!

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