Salt-Alternative Spice Blends

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The SAJE Spice Team | Caribbean Inspired!

Precise Portions is on a mission to help healthy eating become habit.

Based on almost 10 years of diet related nutrition management work, we know that making veggies taste great is one of the biggest stumbling blocks many people face.

Turns out that we are from Trinidad & Tobago (picked up husband Ed from Haiti 🙂 . We cook and create beautiful food all the time. It was time to take this skill we had taken for granted to help solve this problem! With family members Tessa and Jean >>> SAJE – prounounced Sage is both an herb and also characterized as being wise 🙂 we created this artisan, hand-crafted line of Saje Salt-Free Organic Spice Blends. Now your veggies can taste great all the time… in 30 minutes or less. Of course we love protein too! And yes, our blends are excellent on proteins as well as salads and pasta and rice pilafs and all sorts of fantastic things.

We know that you and your family will love these multi-layered flavors. Don’t just get one! Get them all because you can create such different experiences with pairing the same vegetable with a different blend. Who would have thought that sweet potatoes would be awesomely great roasted with Coconut Curry or Smoky Jerk? Suddenly your favorite veggie can become even “more favorite” based on how you pair it 🙂 Doesn’t that sound incredible? Enjoy! Let’s Welcome a new Chef in Town!

Salt-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO
Premium Organic & Naturally Earthy, Light & Fresh
Hand-Crafted, Artisan & Authentic Gourmet
Made Just for You!
Hear them say WOW! Enjoy!