The Science

It’s simple really. The more you eat the more you have to burn off with exercise. Because of our cultural norms, it’s really easy to overeat to the point where burning the excess food off with exercise becomes impractical in our daily lives.

Our secret is to keep you from eating too much in the first place.

The Math

Working with nutritionists, we developed complicated charts for how much food you need, based on your size, weight and lifestyle.

Then we simplified all that into a set of easy to use dinnerware. We’ll let the nutritionists themselves how easy it is to use.

Simplicity In Action

You’ve heard everyone tell you how easy it is to eat healthy with precise portions. Now it’s time to see it for yourself.

Using precise portion’s system is all about following the lines. There’s no foods you have to stay away from, no pills and no calorie counting.

Try It Out

Take our plates for a quick spin, and see just how easy it is to eat and stay healthy.

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