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At Precise Portions, we thrive on the feedback of our customers, and are always ready to answer the questions of those considering portion control as an alternative to other weight management option

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Tanzanian Cholera Outbreak Kills 18, Health Ministry Says

NAIROBI, KENYA — An outbreak of cholera in Tanzania has left 18 dead in two months, the Health Ministry said Saturday, warning that the situation could worsen as the rainy season continues. The ministry said the outbreak had left "18 dead out of 570 cases recorded" between September 1 and October 30, and it urged local authorities to take measures to keep the disease from spreading. In [...]

Legionnaires Sickens 12 in California, Including 9 at Disneyland

LOS ANGELES — Disneyland has shut down and decontaminated two cooling towers following an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease that sickened 12 people, nine of them guests or employees at the theme park in Anaheim, county health officials said Saturday. One of the three cases of the respiratory illness not linked to Disneyland was fatal in an individual who had additional health issues, said Jessica Good of the [...]

Pair, Linked by Face Transplant, Finally Meet

ROCHESTER, MINN. — Standing in a stately Mayo Clinic library, Lilly Ross reached out and touched the face of a stranger, prodding the rosy cheeks and eyeing the hairless gap in a chin she once had known so well. “That’s why he always grew it so long, so he could try to mesh it together on the chin,” she told Andy Sandness, as he shut his eyes [...]

UN to Host Talks on Use of ‘Killer Robots’

GENEVA — The United Nations is set to host talks on the use of autonomous weapons, but those hoping for a ban on the machines dubbed "killer robots" will be disappointed, the ambassador leading the discussions said Friday. More than 100 artificial intelligence entrepreneurs led by Tesla's Elon Musk in August urged the U.N. to enforce a global ban on fully automated weapons, echoing calls from activists [...]

Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar Continues to Decline

GENEVA — Pneumonic plague continues to decline in Madagascar, according to the World Health Organization, whose latest figures put the number of suspected cases at 1,947, including 143 deaths. The latest reported cases of pneumonic plague, based on the number of people hospitalized and on district reporting in Madagascar, is good news, said Fadela Chaib, WHO spokeswoman. “As of yesterday, 6 November, there were only 27 people [...]

Fresh dispute about MMR ‘fraud’

Andrew Wakefield's discredited theory linking vaccination and autism stirred public fears.L. MACGREGOR/REUTERSIt is one of the most serious allegations that could be made about a doctor: manipulating patients' histories to make money. So it is no wonder that the charges, levied by editors of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in January against medical researcher Andrew Wakefield, are still getting close scrutiny. Now an American whistleblower advocacy group [...]

Fighting an Ocean of Plastic With a Plucky Pump

The results of three recent separate studies are staggering, the oceans are filled with about 5 trillion bits and bobs of plastic debris. Now, one English sailing team is doing its part, skimming plastic off the ocean's surface, bucket by bucket. VOA's Kevin Enochs reports.

40,000 Rohingya Children Face Malnutrition, Need Life-Saving Aid

WASHINGTON — Rohingya children in Myanmar and Bangladesh face a tenfold increase in malnutrition compared to last year and require immediate attention, the International Rescue Committee said in a statement Friday. A recent survey conducted by humanitarian agencies led by International Rescue Committee (IRC) partner Action Against Hunger (ACF) in the Cox’s Bazar region of Bangladesh found that 40,000 Rohingya children between the ages of 6 months [...]

Six African Countries to Benefit from Discounted Cancer Drugs

The cancer caseload is growing in Africa, but quality treatment options remain limited. By 2030, WHO estimates that for every four deaths from HIV/AIDS on the continent, there will be three deaths from cancer. To address the emerging public health crisis, two major pharmaceutical companies have partnered with the American Cancer Society and the Clinton Health Access Initiative to steeply discount the cost of some cancer drugs [...]

US to Ban Illicit Versions of Synthetic Opioid

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration plans to ban all illicit versions of fentanyl, the highly addictive opioid painkiller responsible for tens of thousands of deadly drug overdoses in the United States in recent years. The DEA, an arm of the Justice Department, will classify all "fentanyl-related substances" as a Schedule I drug, effectively making their sale illegal, the Department said on Thursday. The scheduling is the latest [...]

Anal cancer symptoms: The FIVE easy-to-miss symptoms of the DEADLY condition

GETTYAnal cancer symptoms: It may be a rare type of cancer but it can prove deadlyAnal cancer is a rare type of cancer, that affects the very end of the large bowel.Fewer than 1,200 people are diagnosed a year, according to the NHS, but it can prove deadly if not spotted early enough.This can be difficult since some sufferers don’t have any symptoms.Even more concerning, is that [...]

Diabetes news: Fruit, vegetables and TEA could slash your risk by a QUARTER

Over 64,000 women found food and drink rich in antioxidants protected them against diabetes Scientists have found that a diet rich in antioxidants reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes which is associated with our lifestyle choices. The new study of more than 64,000 middle-aged women found food and drink rich in antioxidants protected them against the disease, which is also linked to obesity. Red grapes contain [...]

At Climate Talks, US Like an Unhappy Dinner Guest

WASHINGTON — How’s this for awkward? The United States has a delegation at international climate talks in Bonn that will be telling other nations what they should do on a treaty that the president wants no part of. President Donald Trump has promised to withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Paris climate pact where nations set their own goals to reduce the emissions of heat-trapping gases, but [...]


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