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Important Tips to Eating Healthy

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Important Tips to Eating Healthy

  • Our first tip to eating healthy is to include all varieties of foods from all the food groups. For good health, the body needs more than forty nutrients which are available from different food sources. Your daily meals must include plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables whole grain, milk and other dairy products, fish, lean meat, poultry and eggs. These are to be consumed daily in the right quantity depending on your body’s need for energy.
  • Our second tip to eating healthy is to maintain the ideal weight. A good diet is only half the battle won. To be truly effective a healthy diet must be supported with daily exercise so as to maintain the ideal weight. Your optimum weight depends on your height, sex, age and heredity factors.
  • Our third tip to eating healthy is to have regular meals and on time. It is important not to skip meals, especially breakfast. Skipping meals will lead to severe hunger pangs that can ultimately lead you to binge on food. It is equally important to have your meals on time. Breakfast should be as soon as possible after you wake up, lunch should be finished by 1pm and dinner should be before 7pm. This will help with the proper digestion of foods.
  • Our fourth tip to eating healthy is not to leave your stomach empty for long periods. Snacking in between meals is considered a good practice. Snack on healthy foods like whole grain sandwich, fruits, nuts and seeds in between major meals. This keeps the stomach full till your next big meal. If you snack between meals remember to eat slightly smaller meals.
  • Our fifth tip to healthy eating is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water keeps the body hydrated and helps you burn off calories. Cut down the sodas and drink plenty of water as often as possible.
  • Our sixth tip to healthy eating is not to eliminate certain foods from the diet. Each food item provides different kinds of nutrients to the body which are all equally important. If your favorite food is high on fat or sodium, make a conscious choice to eat the low-fat version or one that has less salt but do not eliminate it completely from the diet.
  • Our seventh tip to healthy eating is to learn to cook your own food. By learning to cook your meals, you can control the amount of salts, sugars and fats that you consume. Cooking your own meals would also limit the consumption of readymade meals that are high in trans-fats, sodium and other unhealthy items. It is quite easy to whip up a healthy dish of stir-fried vegetables in no time. Try discovering new recipes to prepare at home, not only will you enjoy your food, but you will be eating healthy as well.

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