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Weight loss can be hard, exhausting and time consuming…

This is because you are so preoccupied with burning the calories that are in your system already. What about if you never had an exceeding amount of fat in the first place?


Education at schools is too poor for your children nutritional knowledge to develop.

Nutrition knowledge, just like anything in life has to be gathered. And as a fundamental basis of human nature, once learned it will be carried for the rest of the life. Dedicate your effort to giving your children the best education there is.


You shouldn’t constantly be bothered by diabetes. Take back your control.

Our bodies are a living organism and unfor-tunetly sometimes it’s compromised. But there is a way to stabilise it through natural
methods. We want you to live a care free life and offer our engineering to help.

Precise Portions Systems – nutritional engineering at its best

Our passion was born from a personal experience and now there is no stopping to make others lives better and healthier. Through science and reseach we have found a way to manage nutrition of our day-to-day lives much easier. This allows you to achieve whatever goals you might have – loose weight, educate or live care-free of diabetes. Let’s start this journey together!

Ed & Ann-Marie

Success stories

“This new nutrition technique helped me and my wife to eat healthy and tasty at the same time.”

Garett North Carolina, Charlotte

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