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1702, 2019

Events That Led to The Obesity Crisis

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The obesity crisis was not caused by a single factor. Unfortunately, like the perfect storm, many events come together in sequence to result in this  health emergency tidal wave;  Such is the #ObesityCrisis. To date, the obesity crisis and our lack of understanding has destroyed the quality of life of millions of Americans.  The lack of: Nourishment education - What the body needs and gets [...]

907, 2012

Meal Schedule for Healthy Diet

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Many of us work at odd hours of day and often night too. This results in skipped meals or meals that do not maintain regular hours. Our experts inform you just why it is so important that we stick to our meal schedules for healthy diets. Read on.

2506, 2012

MyPlate: Daily Menu Plan

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While the USDA MyPlate is fairly easy to understand, putting together a meal that meets the MyPlate criteria is less easy. So, to help you achieve your weight management goals, our experts have come up with a daily menu plan that meets the MyPlate dietary guidelines, and yet simple, tasty and interesting. Read on.

1005, 2012

How to Lose Weight on My Thighs

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Fat accumulation in the thigh is a big problem for women. If your thighs are rubbing against each other as you walk, I recommend a two-pronged approach to losing weight on your thighs: exercise and diet.

2903, 2012

Why Portion Size and Menu Planning Matter

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Our body needs only so much food as is required to replace the energy that was utilized. If we put in less, we create a deficit. If we eat more, then it is stored as fat. Portion size and menu planning help us regulate the process.

2102, 2012

Vary your Veggies

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Vegetables contain essential nutrients we need to keep us healthy and strong.   What to do: There are varying kinds of vegetables and we can use them all if we just know how to mix and match with our cooking. It is best that we vary consumption for us to be able to benefit from all those qualities they have to help us be healthy [...]

2102, 2012

Fabulous Fiber

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Do you know:  What is fiber?  According to USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture),”Fiber is the structural part of plant foods which can not be digested by humans”. We need approximately 20-30 gm fiber every day.  And we can get them from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Below are common food sources that are rich in fiber in accordance to USDA:   Success Tips: [...]

2102, 2012

Healthy Eating Plan

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What to do: The key to success is to learn the art of cooking and modification.  Your menu planning that includes the ingredients which have been one of our plans to achieve our goal will also be your great help for substitution. Sample modifications you can apply in your everyday menu:   Sample substitutions you can apply in your everyday menu:

2102, 2012

Smart Snack

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Menu Suggestions On our second month, we have discussed meal planning.  We have iterated the importance of planning the menu, how to make one and which to include within the menu.  And on the succeeding months we have touched on the 3 main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Now we are on snacks and we will go back to the basic, planning the menu is [...]

1912, 2011

Daily Diet Menu: a Healthy Plan to Lose Weight

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These are some guidelines how to turn your daily diet menu in to a healthy plan to lose weight. At this point, I assume two things – that you are obese and that you need to cut down on the quantity of food you are presently eating.

2810, 2011

Liquid Calories: Why Include Them in Our Menu Plans

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Ask anyone on a diet plan and chances are, they will agree they do not count calories from the liquids they consume. When working on their diet plan, every solid food item they consumes carefully checked.

2410, 2011

How to Do a Healthy Diet Plan

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The answer to the question lies at the basics i.e. what is a healthy diet. Once you have the answer to what constitutes a healthy diet, you have the building blocks upon which you can build your healthy diet plan. So let us start with a healthy diet.

108, 2011

Why Plan Our Meals and How to Make Meal Planner Simple

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Proper planning of meals is a necessity when you are on a weight loss diet. If you have a meal planner ready at hand, you needn't fret at what to cook for dinner each night and your family will enjoy healthy meals. Besides these obvious advantages, a meal planner also helps you save money on your daily groceries allowing you to stay within your planned food budget.

2907, 2011

Healthy Meal Planner Tips

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For those of you looking to lose weight, a healthy diet is the way to go. But a healthy diet every day of the week means planning your meals in advance. Making use of a meal planner is the best way to incorporate nutritious food and have a tasty meal, too.

1412, 2010

Healthy Eating – The Secret Diet

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Every single day, I get lots of people who visit my consultancy and either refer to some “secret diet” or ask for a secret diet that will help them reduce weight and stay in shape. Fact is there is no secret diet. For many people, the promise to immediately reduce weight as well “keep it off permanently” is simply too alluring – it’s as if the diet plan conferred some kind of magical blessing on anyone coughed up the asking price and followed the “sure fire guaranteed results” diet plan.