Weight Management Program

Attempted but Failed to Lose Weight?

Many people say they’ve tried everything but nothing worked – some or the other weight loss diet plan, exercise, dieting… Let’s analyze and identify the reasons why we often don’t achieve our weight loss goals and in doing so, hopefully, induce you to try again. Clinically speaking, any reason you put forth for having given up your weight loss plan would fall into one of these three categories:

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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Just as people take a pill for a headache and expect the headache to vanish a few minutes after the pill has entered the stomach, so too people expect a kind of miracle weight management formula that makes their excess weight vanish within days if not within minutes. Unfortunately, the way fat is accumulated within our bodies precludes the possibility that there will ever be a safe quick-fix for obese people.

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Weight Management – How Body Weight and Body Fat Differ

If I were to ask any of my clients to explain the term “body weight”, 9 out of 10 would say “it’s whatever the bathroom scale displays” (or some variation of it). And if I were to probe further and ask “what is weight reduction” the answer I get is “reducing my weight”. They couldn’t have been further away from the truth. First task is to understand body weight and body fat and how they are different.

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Weight Management – A Guide to Weight Reduction

9 out of 12 people who walk into my consultancy want to talk about weight reduction. When I say “don’t you mean weight management?” the usual response is, “yea, but I want to reduce weight”. So in my blog post today, I won’t refer to weight management. Incidentally, weight management is the correct way to go about reducing weight but I’ll give that a skip for today. Understanding the relation between food and weight…

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