Healthy Eating Habits

Diabetic Portion Control Plate

A diabetes portion control plate is an important tool in the management of diabetes – whose complications are among the leading causes of death and morbidity. While these plates are important in the management of type 2 diabetes, they also have a role in the management of the type 1 (that depends on insulin therapy). In addition to these; people in the pre-diabetes phase and the obese can all reap health benefits from using the precise portion plates.

Many people with type 2 diabetes are also obese. Therefore reducing weight by the use of  a diabetic portion plate not only promotes better sugar control in the body , but also helps to keep it at bay for those at an increased risk due to obesity.

The benefit of using diabetic portion control plate
Smaller, healthy portions support good insulin metabolism and prevents insulin resistance – a significant factor in the development of type 2 diabetes.

How to plan your diabetic portion control plate
There are two ways.

  1. Use an ordinary plate

Draw 2 imaginary lines on your plate. One line divides the plate into two halves. The other divides one half into two to make 3 sections.

  1. Section 1 – half of the plate is filled with non-starchy vegetables such as cauliflower and carrots.
  2. Section 2 – a quarter of the plate should contain lean proteins like tuna and turkey
  3. Section 3 – the last portion to contain starchy foods such as whole grain products or tubers such as potatoes.

    2. Use of a precise diabetic portion control plate

This removes the guesswork from the portions you eat. Many types are available including kids-friendly products. You can find more information about these here. For a variety of diabetes portion control plates and related products see these.


Healthy Eating Habits

“Let food be thy medicine and thy food medicine.”

This widely known quote is attributed to Hippocrates – the father of modern day medicine. While it sounds paradoxical, some critics have even dismissed it; it has important content to think about. The essence of it is that the foods you eat can have both immediate and long-term effects on your health.

For example; eating high sugar foods (high glycemic) raises your blood sugar fast. This in turn leads to a sudden spike of insulin. If this process is repeated over many times for long enough the body tissues will respond to insulin poorly and may increase the riskof developing type 2 diabetes. Other foods also increase risk of obesity and its associated disorders such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis among many other health issues.

Healthy eating habits defined
Healthy eating habits that promote good health include:

  • Right amounts of foods from all the classes of food groups
  • It is a lifestyle that is followed throughout and not just for a while
  • It involves different types of foods under the main classes of foods because no one type of food is exactly the same as another even in the same group
  • People with specific types of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease or high cholesterol needs modified eating habits as guided by a qualified health dietary professional.

How to improve your eating habits
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC offers 3 easy to follow steps in the healthy eating habits journey. These are:

  1. Assess how you are currently eating. This includes what you consider to be good or bad eating habits.
  2. Remove any bad eating habits from your current eating plan.
  3. Continue with your good old or adapted new eating habits.

An important part of healthy fresh food eating habits is to consume the right quantities of the right foods at the right time. To help you with this, the resource here will help you to overcome the constant struggle many people go through in their efforts to start and maintain healthy eating habits.

8 Powerful Habits to Naturally Slim Down!

Discover healthy tips your whole family can benefit from!

If you’re like a lot of Americans, there’s probably something about your diet that you’d like to change or improve. It could be late night snacking, or you miss breakfast too often, or fresh fruits and vegetables are like a foreign language. No matter how you’d like to eat healthier, it is possible with the healthy eating habits listed below.

We won’t be getting into all of the things not to do (as we know that you know the drill: reduce sugar, eat-this-not-that, add specific nutrients, and so on), but instead, you’ll be able to incorporate these fun, easy tips into your current diet, and they’re great for your whole family. Overtime, the healthier choices you make will far outnumber the treats you can still enjoy, helping you lose weight naturally.

1. Variety is Key.
Enjoy a vast array of foods throughout the day from the recommended food groups. And you don’t have to put pressure on yourself to ONLY eat these foods. Just start by adding one or two healthy choices a day, or a week, and that will pick up momentum to help you continue adding more and more.

2. Swap the Proteins.
Numerous studies have been performed and found that our bodies do benefit from protein. But, with that said, it’s best if you regularly change the types of protein you consume. Some nights choose lean meats, other nights enjoy fish. Not to mention nuts and nut butters on your morning toast will offer protein and fill you up!

3. Color Your Meals.
Make healthy eating for your kid’s fun by adding a rainbow of vegetables and fruits to most, if not all, of your meals and snacks throughout your day. A great way to add flavor, nutrients, and healthy carbohydrates.

4. Don’t Eliminate Anything!
Forget the diets of eliminating carbohydrates, fats, or whatever else it’s emphasizing. Enjoy regular foods but, simply watch your portions. Portion control can be a wonderful tool to losing weight andthen maintaining a healthy weight without losing foods you enjoy.

5. Eat Often.
Don’t skip any meal. Eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day and this will help your metabolism regulate and become much more efficient. By enjoying regular-timed meals can also reduce those afternoon sugarcravings!

6. Get Hydrated.
Drink water often throughout your day. This helps your body rid itself of toxins, hydrates your entire body from the inside-out, and is also a great way to trick your body into thinking that it’s full if you’re trying to lose those few pesky pounds!

7. Increase Your Fiber.
Adding healthy fiber is vital to anyone’s health regime. Fiber helps regulate your body and even reduces risks of some diseases. Try adding more vegetables, such as potatoes, and wholegrains.

8. Make Any Change Slowly!
Diving into anything can set you up for instant failure. Instead, if you want to be successful at incorporating new eating habits, make one change per day, or even per week! Gradual changes are always easier to commit to so why not make it easy for you “win”? Add one fruit or vegetable a day could be a great place to start.

No matter if you’re trying to lose weight naturally, or boost your family’s health, or encourage your kids to eat healthier choices, remember that balance can also be a key factor. Cutting back on “junk”, or unhealthy high-fat or sugary-laden foods will offer you more room to begin adding healthier choices to your palette. You’ll benefit from better health and plenty of new-found energy!

And don’t forget to get your body moving! Do exercises you enjoy and you’re more likely to continue with it and see results. Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, resistance training, and yoga are all terrific methods to get your body fitter and slimmer.

Melt Body Fat While You Reduce Inflammation!

Raw Turmeric

Discover the natural supplement that can really boost your health!

This superior supplement is probably inside your pantry right now. It targets your fat storage system to increase your body’s natural fat-burning abilities! And, if you’re one of the 50 million American’s that suffer from arthritis or inflammation of any degree, this spice can reduce your symptoms so you can get back to living a better quality life.

The do-it-all spice we’re talking about is turmeric. It’s in all the health and weight loss articles lately, and it’s no wonder: not only can it promote weight loss, but it also aids your body with loads of other health benefits like eliminating inflammation, improves memory, boosts energy, and even ramps up your sex drive!

Dr. Mercola, a well-known best-selling author, has noted that studies have found this supplement to be an effective method of treatment for arthritis, swelling, and joint pain. He has also said that turmeric, “…is effective even in small quantities.”

Slim Down Naturally.

It has been found to have more than 650 active compounds, beneficial for your health, and over two dozen of them directly target inflammation. This yellow spice has a key nutrient, called curcumin which is a powerful fighter for inflammation which can also contribute to weight gain and other health issues including an irregular appetite, cravings, aches and stiffness, heart and blood sugar issues, poor memory, sleep issues, and so much more.

Researchers have found that by using curcumin regularly, can reduce the formation of fatty tissue, which basically means your body won’t be open to adding excess fat like it used to. They noted, “Our results clearly demonstrate that curcumin at the cellular and whole organism levels displays remarkable potential health benefits for prevention of obesity and associated metabolic disorders.”

It helps your fat cells respond properly to insulin, reducing insulin resistance that your body may have created over the years of consuming too many delicious carbs. And when your body utilizes insulin, it can digest food properly while maintaining healthier blood sugar levels, which are key to weight loss and a healthy weight maintenance.

Relieve Inflammation Caused by Diabetes.

If you, or someone you love, lives with diabetes, then you probably have experience the sometimes painful inflammation that can occur. The inflammation can have negative effects on diabetes management, as well as causing insulin resistance which is the primary reason of Type 2 diabetes.

As experts have found, turmeric is very powerful for relieving inflammation. It can be added to many meals, and when taking the time to pay attention to what you’re eating and how much, then your body will really respond faster!

Raw Turmeric

An easy method of controlling your healthy food intake is to utilize the popular diet plates for portion control. Now, you don’t have to have these special plates that help you eat proper portions as a “diet.” Even if you don’t have to slim down, they are superior for boosting your overall health from the inside-out by simply stabilizing your blood sugar levels, helping your body easily digest the food, and spike your energy levels so you can feel better all day long.

If you have diabetes, then you know that measuring your food consumption is vital to your success with managing symptoms. So diabetics can benefit from portion control plates as well with proven results of healthier eating, reducing health issues and symptoms, and boosting overall vitality.

Your Daily Dose.

Now, you are probably wondering exactly how much turmeric should you take in order to reap the fat-burning, anti-inflammatory benefits? Health professionals recommend taking 1,200-2,000mg, split into three times per day. You will also feel and see more benefits if you choose fewer carbs and more veggies. And of course, doing some form of regular exercise!

Here’s what turmeric can do for you:

  • Promote easy fat loss
  • Maintain lean muscle mass
  • Controls your appetite
  • Reduces water weight
  • Ease pain from inflammation and achy muscles
  • Diminish ageing signs like wrinkles
  • Improve cognitive functions
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improves sexual hormones
  • Ramp up your metabolism
  • Help support lean muscle
  • Increase your health, happiness, and confidence

Benefits of Tumeric

Image from Met First Living

In addition to a healthy diet and portion control plates for optimum benefits, by taking a daily dose of turmeric, whether you add it to your meals or in capsule form, you can expect to start feeling results within 2-3 weeks.

Stay healthy now!

Tools for Healthy Eating

A healthy lifestyle helps us fulfill our goals and objectives by successfully implementing our plans and coping with difficulties. Good health maintains strength which allows us to live a long and joyful life.

You must use every possible thing which might help you achieving or maintaining a good health. The present era is the era of science and technology. Getting the acquired information has never been so much easy. You can use various applications for this purpose. One of the most common mean is using the mobile applications for this purpose. A variety of fitness bracelets, “smart” watches and ordinary smart phones can help you calculating the calories and maintaining a diet plan that suits you. These applications also allow you to monitor your physical activity, nutrition and sleep.

There are various free as well as paid android applications which can be found on “Google Play Store” easily. A few good ones are


Its useful tips on the basis of medical information are very useful.

There is an option of Healthy Target, a health program which helps maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It can be connected to WebMD fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter and other medical devices with a wireless interface.

In this case, WebMD will give advice in the context of the available data.

This application has built in health journal, healthy lifestyle tips, fun facts, motivational articles, quizzes and slideshows. In addition, there are handy guides for medical emergencies, from insect bites to fractures, tips on treatment, which can be read even without an internet connection.


MyFitnessPal is one of the most feature-rich applications to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has a simple and easy calorie counter with a very large database of products, containing more than 4 million items. It has a very successful input system. MyFitnessPal is great for monitoring and guiding your nutrition and physical activity. The application can track the distance traveled, and calories burned.


It is a very advanced calorie counter with a lot of products with their calories. It has its own book of recipes and you can calculate the number of calories burned during training. It is an excellent app for weight loss.


It contains recipes for proper nutrition. It is simple, beautiful and intuitive and a good assistant for healthy eating.


It is another calorie counter. Lifesum tells you how to take your daily diet and physical activity. This application will help you choosing the right food and getting rid of bad habits. It is a good choice for those who want to lose weight by controlling the diet with the help of high tech calorie counter.

Portioning Macronutrients: Protein

The critical importance of portioning macronutrients for overall health

Macronutrients – or “macros” for short – are the three critical energy sources in our food: carbohydrates, fat, and proteins. These three energy sources are digested and expended differently in our bodies, and understanding how to leverage the proper portions of these nutrients is critical to dietary success.

One of the most well known macro is protein. Protein often receives the lion’s share of the credit for successful macronutrient consumption. Many products boast high protein levels to assist in weight loss, but it is critical that you understand this macro properly before beginning to consume it in high levels.

Protein is often considered the “healthiest” macronutrient, because it takes much longer to turn into fat in the body and remains a viable energy source for a longer period of time. However, an over consumption of protein can also result in weight gain if not balanced with a proper exercise regimen.

There are many theories and strategies for proper protein consumption and exercise, but as with the other macros, each body processes protein differently and therefore it is important to monitor your intake with care and develop a routine that will allow you to reach your health and weight loss goals. If you have a regimen that includes frequent bouts of heavy lifting, your body may be more successful at turning proteins into muscle than a more sedentary person. There are also many strategies for timing protein consumptions around these heavy lifting exercises.

There are several reputable websites that post these strategies and allow members to give feedback, like,, and It may be useful to reference these forums for further information on the intricacies of protein consumption, and balancing this consumption with other macronutrients for health and weight loss success.

Healthy Eating Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity & Bullying

Thousands of children are bullied every day because of their weight. In fact, obese children are nearly 60% more likely to be bullied than their peers. The Huffington Post reports that bullying leads to “depression, anxiety, suicidality, [and] a whole host of outcomes that we know just wreak havoc on adult lives.”

The face of childhood obesity is changing. It used to be the boy who sat in a corner by himself or the girl who never got to play jump rope with the cool kids. But now, the face of obesity is almost unrecognizable because it is everywhere.

Kids who are bullied because of their weight experience negative effects far worse than being picked last for kickball. They often grow up feeling insecure –about their body, them selves, their future, and their capabilities. And almost everyone of us, as adults, knows how crippling insecurity can be.

Healthy Eating Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity & Bullying

Our Goal:
Our campaign  is raising money to create and launch an innovative, educational, Children’s Nutrition Dinnerware System  that teaches children how food can be used to fuel their bodies. These Portion & Nutrition Control Guides will help them build balanced eating habits for life…still enjoying the foods you love as a family.

Our goal is to raise a generation of healthy children for a healthier tomorrow – If we can educate a new generation about healthy eating and healthy bodies, perhaps we can lower rates of childhood obesity and that generation’s adult obesity.

Maybe we can even change cultural standards of beauty and move away from stereotypes. Maybe we can produce a generation that is proud of their appearance and where everyone is judged on their contribution to society instead of how skinny or fat, tall or small they are.

Click here to learn more about Precise Portion’s kids weight loss campaign today.

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Healthy Eating Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity & Bullying

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Healthy Eating Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity & Bullying