Healthy Eating for Children

March National Health Month

March National Health Month


This month has been a busy month for health awareness. As March is National Healthy Month, we have seen events such as the recently attended Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) Summit in Washington D.C. featuring the First Lady, Michelle Obama and several other keynote speakers. If you happened to be in New York City’s Time Square on March 3rd, you would’ve seen a special reminder to “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” in neon lights on an electronic billboard. American Diabetes Alert Day was also recognized this month, as a nation takes a stand against the ever growing epidemic of Adult and Childhood Diabetes.

Many organizations are reaching out to the public to offer healthy resources to make lifestyle changes and maintain a positive outlook to food and wellness. The Partnership for a Healthier America has invested a great amount of energy into rallying organizations to change the tides of obesity and diabetes. Other notable companies like Del Monte, Dannon, Birds Eye and others have helped support this nationwide campaign of health. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietics has launched a massive campaign to support a nutritional filled lifestyle.

What does this mean to you? There can be much chatter about a trending topic or popular issue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean actions follow. Through all of these organizations and campaigns, the heart is that the tides of imbalance and obesity would change. There are resources, ideas, tools, training and guides that are available- regardless of what class, weight, age, gender or location you are currently at/in. We want to stand with you in moving towards a healthy future, for our adults and children in America!

Here are some helpful tools and links to get you started;

Family Health: Stop Childhood Obesity

Our love for our kids has no bounds. We want to see them happy – a dazzling smile on their face warms our hearts no end. In their happiness lies our own and the demands for fries, burgers, ice creams, candies, pastries etc, are fulfilled with a sigh. Slowly chubby cheeks begin to look a bit too chubby and the ‘cuddly bear’ really begins to look like one. Welcome to childhood obesity. This is an article that seeks to tackle issues related to childhood obesity and how we can stop childhood obesity.

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