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Redefining portion sizes is the simple, proven way for people to manage their health and their weight. The Precise Portions Nutrition Control System helps you easily teach your patients how to eat the right amount of nutritious food in the right proportions, without resorting to diets, harmful drugs or risky surgeries. The Precise Portions System is the first nutrition program to integrate a complete dietitian-designed portion control plating system.

Most importantly, Precise Portions gives your patients a assortment of nutrition control tools they need to turn your guidance and knowledge into effective compliance at home, so they can take personal control over their eating habits.

Making decisions on the types of products to carry can be difficult. For your reference, we have compiled a range clinical research that points to portion control as a leading factor in nutrition and weight management, and better overall health.

As a medical professional responsible for your patients’ nutrition, weight management and health, you still have the responsibility of any business owner. By carrying the Precise Portions product lines, not only will you be looking out for the health of your patients, but with this added revenue stream, you’ll be looking out for the health of your business as well.

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