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If you run a nutrition and/or weight management service, then you know how hard it is for your customers to stay healthy when they’re not with you. Your customers need our nutrition control tools to stay healthy at home and over the weekends. It doesn’t get any easier than following the lines. We already help thousands of people, but by partnering with dietitians, food service organizations and other businesses we hope to reach millions

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In the United States, weight loss is a $20 billion per year industry, with over 100 million people on diets throughout the country. While many of these dieters turn to unsafe pills, exercise fads, or even surgeries, most are looking for an easy way to manage their weight to lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases linked to obesity. Now, you can offer the “no guess work” solution your customers are seeking: the Precise Portions Nutrition Control System.

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Private Practitioners

Redefining portion sizes is the simple, proven way for people to manage their health and their weight. The Precise Portions Nutrition Control System helps you easily teach your patients how to eat the right amount of nutritious food in the right proportions, without resorting to diets, harmful drugs or risky surgeries. The Precise Portions System is the first nutrition program to integrate a complete dietitian-designed portion control plating system.

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Precise Portions provides food service departments in schools, corporations and other organisations an excellent way to control portions and food costs, as well as protect the health of those you feed. Our dishware can fit in any setting, whether you are serving lunch to hundreds of hungry students in the school lunchroom, or hosting a Board of Directors dinner in the executive dining room.

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Direct Sellers

Precise Portions is all about empowerment – empowering people to take control of their nutrition and weight management. With the Precise Portions Direct Selling Program, we empower you to take charge of your career, and earn a great income in the process.

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If you have a website or blog, and a passion for healthy eating, then our affiliate program is a must. We offer one of the most profitable programs on the web in which you can earn 10% commission. In addition to offering this excellent commission rate, we also offer special incentives for deserving affiliates on a regular basis.

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