Studies show that Precise Portions® tools are effective in significantly improving your diet, by reducing the portion sizes for unhealthy food while increasing it for healthy ones

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The Precise Portions® Nutrition Control System provide four complete ranges of dietitian-designed portion control dishware, including stylish porcelain sets for the home, travel dish sets for children and adults, and disposable plates and cups for healthy outdoor entertaining.

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Great tool to help me lose weight!
The Go Healthy Travel Pack has proven to be a handy tool for packing the correct portions that I “should be” eating. Now, I’m no longer just using the travel plates to take lunch to work, I’m also using them to pack leftovers after cooking at home. They are convenient, compact and rugged for travel, and they really do work!!

healthy food portion sizesMARCUS, ALEXANDRIA, VA, Chili

As a Registered Dietitian, I have counselled thousands of patients over the last twenty years on how to eat healthy. Eating is an experience. Therefore, the tools used to change a person’s diet should be attractively functional (plates, bowls, and glasses). Precise Portions has the perfect dinnerware to meet my professional criteria. Their plates, bowls and little saucers are all marked in an attractive design to indicate portion amounts. I LOVE my dishes and my friends LOVE theirs!

diabetes portion control chartLINDA VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

Exceeding my best expectations by leaps and bounds! Since the set is so easy to use, it is helping me eat in a healthier manner. Because the pieces are such fine quality, and so pleasant to look at, I am inspired to WANT to use the set as much as possible, which helps me eat balanced meals more often.

measuring food portionsJANE D. UPSTATE NEW YORK, NY

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Healthy eating starts when you’re young enough (or old enough) to use this plate. Forget complicated calorie counting and weight measures. Get a set of our nutrition control dinnerware and follow the guiding lines … simply what it says on the plate. Easy to use and easy to teach..


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