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A Touch of Spice Makes
Veggies (& Everything)
Taste Nice

Healthy, Tasty & Fast! Kitchen to Table in 30! Watch Out World! There's a New Chef in Town!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean passing on flavor. In fact, we see it as an opportunity to get even more creative than usual. Introducing 100% Organic, Caribbean Inspired Saje Spice Blends from Precise Portions. Add a little extra bite to your portion-ideal meals with this line of Caribbean Inspired Salt-Free Spice Blends.

Everyone’s gonna say WOW!

Health, and spice and everything nice.

100% Organic Saje Spice Blends from Precise Portions

Portion-Control Healthware

Precise Portions Healthware Tools are visual aids. They have all the hard work designed right in, so all you have to do is follow the guiding lines on each portion-ideal plate, bowl or glass. Portion control healthware dishes can also be stylish. Our attractive vine and leaf design helps you to portion the right amounts without alerting anyone else that you are doing so. So you can use Precise Portions dishware for any occasion. Guesswork Gone!


Portions-Control Healthware

diabetes portion control plate is an important tool in the management of diabetes

A Healthier You is Only
Six Weeks Away!

This new six-week Nutrition Bootcamp from Precise Portions was created with dietitians and nutritionists to provide education, accountability and a game plan to get you happier, healthier and more confident for the long term.

We’ll help you plan meals your body and taste buds will enjoy! Access training videos, exclusive downloadable tools & worksheets, along with a detailed food diary for tracking your progress. You can build your own private journal for personal insights that only you can access. And of course, we have a supportive community built in for sharing and growing.

We’re on a six-week nutrition mission. Are you with us?


Diabetes Portion Control Plate

diabetes portion control plate is an important tool in the management of diabetes


Mr Stephens (as promised! :}
I absolutely LOOVE your Basil infused Olive oil and your jerk seasoning. I used the seasoning on chicken that I placed on the grill (slow grilled) and it was amazing!! The seasonings was so flavorful that I didn’t need to add anything else to it. The meat came out perfect!! I also used the basil infused olive oil AND a little of the same jerk seasoning on my sautéed squash. The combination on the fresh vegetables made a wonderful side dish. I am glad that I went ahead and restocked my supplies!!

Benita C.

Used the Basil Infused Oil on veggie pasta and it was DELICIOUS!

Alitash L.


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