The range that makes portion control possible anywhere, anytime. Our BPA-free Go Healthy travel plates keep your food portions precise even when you’re on the go.

  • 3 Section Portion Control Lunch PlateManage your meal portions correctly with the Portion Control Container To Go! Whether you're at work or strolling in a park, you can carry this plastic container along. Having 3 distinctly marked portions, it ensures healthy eating habits. Perfect for people with restricted food intake! Includes a portion control manual to further guide you through!Product Code: PP3SB-2
    • Healthy eating on the go!
    • 3 section portion control container is microwave and dishwasher safe
    • Portion Control manual included
    • Designed by registered dietitians using current nutritional guidelines
    • 100% microwave safe - dishwasher safe
    • Lunches just got cheaper, easier and ...FREE Bonus...healthier!
    • Just stay inside the lines - healthy eating is that simple. !
    • If you leave your home, the Go-Healthy Travel Pack can help you.
  • The Precise Portions 4 Go Healthy Portion Control Plates are made from BPA free plastic, meaning they are completely safe to use. Comes in a set of 4The attractive green and gray Store nGo Lunch bag has three compartments so you can easily pack everything you need right where it needs to beA separate nine inch square zippered compartment, making sliding the Travel Pack Plate system in and out stress-free.If you are having troubles trying to lose weight or stay fit, these diet control plates will be just perfect for you. They are divided into 3 sections for non-starchy vegetables, lean meat and starch or grains so you can easily control portion sizeTaking a healthy lunch to work or school couldn’t be easier with this Combo PackMake fast food lunches and lunches smashed in brown bags a thing of the past! With the complete Precise Portions Combo Pack, you’ll have no need to stop for fast food because you’ll have a healthy lunch right with you wherever you go! Taking a healthy lunch to work or school couldn’t be easier with this Combo Pack.Inside the Precise Portions Combo Pack you will find the complete Travel Pack. This helpful plate system makes eating healthy balanced meals effortless. The section plate shows you exactly how much vegetables, whole grains or starchy vegetables, and meat or meat alternatives you need to have. All you have to do is fill it with healthy choices and snap the included tight fitting lid right on top. As if that’s not convenient enough, the included fork and spoon click right onto the lid! Microwave safe and BPA free, this plate system offers all you could ever need for a meal and more!Once your precisely portioned meal is made, just slide it into its own special compartment in the three compartmentPrecise Portions Store n Go Lunch bag. This smartly designed gray and green lunch bag has a separate nine inch square zippered compartment, making sliding the Travel Pack Plate system in and out stress-free.The generous top compartment allows you plenty of room to store a water bottle, fruit, yogurt, any other snacks you may need for the day. When you’ve filled the top compartment, just zip it closed and you can be confident nothing will spill! Tuck in napkins, condiments, and any other odds and ends into the front zippered compartment and you have everything you need!
  • It can be a real challenge exercising proper portion control at the office, in the schoolyard or on the road. That's a big issue, because we spend most of us spend the majority of our time in one or more of these places.If you're managing your weight, blood sugar or metabolism, you know that success doesn't stop at home, and you need a solution that works wherever you do - and now there's an easy one.One of our best sellers is this covered, sectioned to-go plate. Designed by dietitians, this to-go plate helps you reach your goals by letting you choose the foods you want to eat and portioning them according to the best and most current nutritional guidelines.You can enjoy lunch again, eating the foods you love and staying on track to achieving your goals!What's in the box?
    • 1 9" covered to-go plate divided into 3 sections for precise portion control
    Crafted from durable, dishwasher and microwave-safe plastic and featuring an easy-sealing lid to prevent accidental spills, your new portion control to-go plate is designed to be as discreet as it is effective thanks to its attractive design.Eating a healthy lunch is easier and more enjoyable than ever, even if you're managing weight, blood sugar or metabolism, because now, you've got more freedom of choice than ever before. Just stay inside the lines - healthy eating is that simple.With Precise Portions' designer portion control dinnerware, it's really that easy to succeed. Ready to reduce your health risks, reach your fitness goals, and feel great doing it? Get started today!Other Products you may be interested in:
    Features Precise Portions Go Healthy Travel Plate is great for work, school, travel and picnics & beach.Completely BPA Free, microwavable friendly travel container with snap together lid and base featuring 3 separate compartments, and adjustable vent holes. Each section holds the perfect amounts of protein, starch and vegetables for perfect dietary balance. No more guess work!Based on research by the Penn State University's "Half Plate Diet" and the Harvard School of Public Health's "Healthy Eating Plate", we have taken Precise Portions Nutrition Control System to a more comprehensive, effective and practical level.Precise Portions Go Healthy Travel Pack is the "on the move" focus of our system based on:
    • Ideal plate portions
    • How starches affect blood sugar levels
    • Why vegetable intake boosts health & weight loss
    • How water & healthy fats are vital for maintaining a healthy body.
    These are some of the important factors why The Precise Portions Nutrition Control System is so effective.Precise Portions is based on proven dietary & nutrition science, a system of balanced proportions and optimized caloric intake for improved weight control for life.We all know how hard it is to begin and maintain a healthy diet. Our aim is to aid anyone who finds dieting, weight control and people requiring special food requirements such as Type 2 diabetes & heart conditions a solution on a day to day basis.
  • Healthy eating on the go just got easier! Thanks to the ingenious design of Precise Portions’ Store n Go Lunch bag. This clever lunch bag offers plenty of room to store everything you need for meals and snacks, all in a compact design made to be taken anywhere and everywhere-from school lunchrooms to a day on the beach and everywhere in between.The attractive green and gray Store nGo Lunch bag has three compartments so you can easily pack everything you need right where it needs to be. The zippered nine inch bottom compartment makes storing and retrieving the Travel Pack (sold separately) a breeze! First, fill your Travel Pack with just the right amount veggies, whole grains or starchy vegetables, and meat of meat alternative, top with lid, and then slide it into the lay flat zippered compartment made to work perfectly with the Travel Pack.The top compartment offers ample room to store anything else you need. Place a bottle of water, fruit, yogurt, or any other side or snack you wish to have. This front zippercompartment also leaves you the ideal spot to toss in napkins, condiments, and more.Unlike some open top lunch bags that seem to invite spills, this the Store N Go lunch bag zips closed to keep everything right where you put it. Perfect for kids and adults of all ages!
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    We all look forward to enjoying the holidays... Who doesn't, right? Simply having a great time and definitely not missing out on really good food! However, this is not the best of times for those of us who are struggling to lose weight because most foods served during the holidays are generally calorie and fat laden. But now, you can buckle down and just enjoy a delightful meal with the confidence of having the right eating habits and also with the help of this E-Cookbook designed by Precise Portions®.This E-Cookbook will make us realize that we don't need to deprive ourselves of sumptuous food. Instead, it allows us to enjoy our favorite holiday foods without feeling guilty or super stuffed afterwards. From hearty dessert recipes to various main course ideas, they are specifically modified to reduce the amount of calories from carbs and fats but without compromising the quality and taste of the dishes being served.The featured recipes use flavorful ingredients like fresh herbs, spices, and fruits and vegetables that are in season. There are also some helpful tips and Menu Plans to guide you in preparing your holiday meals for your family and friends.Buy your copy today for easy Holiday planning and truly tasty, healthy recipes you and all of your guests will be sure to enjoy!When you order this eBook, you will check out as though you are purchasing any other product for sale in the store. After you have completed the check out process and submitted your order (request), look for an email from The subject line will say "Your order has shipped". Once you open this email, you will see a link to download your eBook. The book will be stored on your account page in