The range that makes portion control possible anywhere, anytime. Our BPA-free Go Healthy travel plates keep your food portions precise even when you’re on the go.

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    healthy family meal plans
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    kids diet and nutrition
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    portion control lesson plan
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    • DESIGNED TO ENDURE: This lunch-bag by Precise Portions makes the smartest long-term healthy-eating investment. Unlike cheap competitors, our heavy-duty bag won’t tear or fall-apart within the first weeks of use. Easy to store n go for healthier, more cost effective meals and snacks on the go.
    • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: Are you an officer and it’s sooo hard to find a lunch bag that you’re allowed to carry when you’re in uniform? No more! Our ALL black lunch bag is ideally suited for Military personnel! Still, it also works great as a picnic organizer, or a lunch box to carry at work and school.
  • This book will reveal:

    • Why counting calories is a waste of your time and usually leads to bad choices and fat build up in your problem areas.
    • The facts about fat intake that contradicts "conventional wisdom"... (Truth is, the right type of fat consumption is like High Octane fuel for your body that Kicks your energy level in High Gear and helps you tap into your stored fat).
    • How To Stimulate Natural Hormones In Your Body To Increase Your Metabolism So You Burn More Calories!
    • What you should eat EVERY DAY to help balance your blood sugar so your body's distribution of insulin to a steady sprinkle... and why this is CRITICAL for your body to release stored fat to be used as fuel.
    • What foods you can eat that will melt inches off of your body and give you a slimmer, more toned physique.
    • Simple exercises that you can do just about anywhere (even in your shower) that will help you achieve your ideal weight goal without the time, expense and pain of going to the gym.
    • Why some fruits can actually cause weight gain- Find out which fruits to avoid and which ones will help you reach your fitness goals.
    • Why "Eat less" is an unsustainable weight loss myth that more often than not leads to binge eating. Eating frequently is actually important for keeping your metabolism fired up and everything ticking over nicely.
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    healthy meal plans for weight loss
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    Eating Habits can also be reffered to as one's way of eating that have been developed through the years.Instructions:
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    • Lunches just got cheaper, easier and ...FREE Bonus...healthier!
    • Just stay inside the lines - healthy eating is that simple. !
    • If you leave your home, the Go-Healthy Travel Pack can help you.