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LIFE-style Portion Control Plates, Porcelain - Set of 4
LIFE-style Portion Control Plates, Porcelain - Set of 4

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LIFE-style Portion Control Plates, Porcelain China - Set of 4 - w/Placemats & Guide LRP-4

Weight management - and even blood sugar/glucose control - don't have to be as complex as people fear. If you've got a strategy that's already working for you, Precise Portions is the last piece of the puzzle!

That's right - eating well just got easier. With our 10" LIFE-style portion control dinnerware! These portion control plates are artfully designed with discretion in mind - helpful markings are concealed within the plate design itself. Crafted from beautiful porcelain china, this is portion control dinnerware you can share with anyone - and nobody will be the wiser! Even if company drops by unexpectedly, all they'll notice is the results you're achieving, because your portion control system may even be nicer than their dinnerware!

What's in the box?
  • Four 10" LIFE-style portion control plates
  • 8 Nutritional management worksheets (placemats)
  • 1 "Quick Start Guide to Healthy Eating"

LIFE-style plates are designed by dietitians using the most current guidelines published by the American Dietetic Association & American Diabetes Association, meaning that these plates are as effective as they are attractive.

LIFE-style plates are just the first tool in your easy to use arsenal: with Precise Portions' portion control bowls and drinking glasses, they combine to form a complete place setting - in other words, a complete system for eating well!

As you know, eating well is the first step to living a healthier lifestyle. Portion control is a major factor in healthy eating! In addition to helping you manage your weight and glucose intake, portion control is the key to a faster metabolism. You know what that means - more energy to do the things you enjoy and greater freedom to choose the foods you like!

Living healthy, doing the things you enjoy and eating the foods you like - that's something everyone can get behind! The LIFE-style Portion Control System is the perfect complement to the whole family's fitness routine - even kids! With its easy to use design, if you can stay within the lines, you're on your way to a healthier LIFE-style.

You'll find your nutritional planning is a whole lot simpler with LIFE-style, because you'll also receive a simple (but thorough) nutrition management worksheet. It's double sided - on the front is a visual portioning guide that will help you easily judge the best way to lay out your meals. On the reverse you'll find a daily menu planning guide, completely customizable for your dietary requirements. This guide actually doubles as a placemat for convenience; you'll have the information you're tracking right were you need it most - in front of you at mealtime!

This nutrition management worksheet is a great tool to bring with you on your next visit to your doctor or nutritionist. It'll show them exactly what you're doing and help them to give you more specific tips to improve your weight management/glucose control strategy. While these placemats are technically disposable, they're printed on high-quality paper stock to ensure ease of use. Order a replacement pack of placemats and track your portions daily for best results!

There's more - you'll also receive our "Quick Start Guide to Healthy Eating". This 16-page booklet contains valuable, current information regarding vegetable servings, meat portions, suggested snacks and more. On top of that, the new bonus section details 5 "free" foods and beverages for you to enjoy!

There's still more - you'll also receive a 4oz portion control ladle to help you prevent accidental over-pouring and a 4-pack of attractive cork coasters from Precise Portions to prevent glass rings from messing up your menu tracking. These are our gifts to you - no extra charge!

LIFE-style portion control plates are attractive, discreet and effective - the perfect complement to any fitness regimen! Weight/glucose management and nutritional management just got a whole lot easier - and that means a healthier LIFE-style isn't far behind! Get started today...

Designed by registered dietitians using current nutritional guidelines Elegantly styled Porcelain China portion control plates 100% for use in microwaves and dishwashers High quality chip resistant finish Lead and cadmium free

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