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healthy family using precise portions nutrition controllifestyle porcelain plates for natural weight loss


No Measuring or Weighing of Meals

No More Guesswork!

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the anti dieting weight loss sistem
eat healthy on the go using precise portions nutrition controlgo healthy travel plastic plates for natural weight loss


Control How Much You Eat... Everywhere

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eat healthy on the go no guesswork no worries
slider vine motif precise portionsnutrition tools to prevent or manage child obesitychildrens show and tell nutrition tools

Now Your Kids will LOVE Learning
About Nutrition

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so easy to learn and teachchildren happy through healthy nutritionhappy child showing nutrition tools
eat barbeque healthy with nutrition controlEco Compostable Range plates for nutrition-control


Same Attractive Look, with Built-in Guidelines

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for when you cant or wont use porcelain
healthy family nutrition control preparing a mealnutrition tools learn how to lose weight


Reinforce Your Lesson Plan

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because seeing the right portion gives everyone nutrition control


100 Must Have Veggie Recipes - E-Cookbook 100 Favorite Recipes Made Healthy - eBook - Great for Entertaining! 50 pg Double-Sided Meal & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet - English
Online Price: $14.95
Online Price: $14.95
Online Price: $24.95  For Nutrition Educators!
100 Must Have Veggie Recipes - E-Book 100 Favorite Holiday Recipes Made Healthy - E-Cookbook Portion Control Guide & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet - 50 Daily Worksheets

A whole 1/2 of our plates should be filled with veggies if we want to eat well and get the right balance of nutrients!...

Simply having a great time and definitely not missing out on really good food!...

The Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet - 50 is designed for health educators looking for the perfect material to train your students & patients how to eat healthy. ...

Show 'N Tell Kids Nutrition Tools

  • Show 'N Tell Multi Forks & Spoons

    Show 'N Tell Multi Forks & Spoons

    • Little hands need little forks and spoons
    • Slows down how fast they eat
    • An integral part of a complete solution to healthy eating
    $9.95 Buy Now
  • Show 'N Tell Start Right Pk4 Plates with Lids & Utensils.jpg

    Show 'N Tell Start-Right Pk4 Plates

    • Visual learning works for most of us
    • Make healthy eating super E-Z visually
    • PLUS it's FUN!
    $39.95 Buy Now
  • Young Adults E-Z Nutrition Learning Pack (Porcelain)

    Young Adults E-Z Nutrition Learning Pack (Porcelain)

    • Kids over 7? Young people need Nutrition Ed too!
    • And they want to be just like us!
    • This basic porcelain starter set is just the ticket!
    $34.95 Buy Now
  • Spanish Show 'N Tell Nutriton Start Right Plate Sets

    Spanish Show 'N Tell Nutriton Start-Right Plate Sets

    • E-Z to teach nutrition, E-Z to teach Spanish, E-Z to teach!
    • Start a lifetime of healthy eating habits
    • Safe & convenient
    $34.95 Buy Now
  • Young Adults E-Z Nutrition Learning Pack


    • Young people prefer informal learning
    • The Eco Portion Control Combo Kit does just that
    • Nutrition Ed that's visual and as flexible as they are
    $24.95 Buy Now
  • Show 'N Tell Start Right Pk4 6oz Cup & Lid Sets Nutrition Control

    Show 'N Tell Start-Right Pk4 6oz Cup & Lid Sets

    • Graduated 6oz cups with handles & lids
    • Healthy hydration is a part of healthy nutrition too
    • Portable, convenient, safe & FUN
    $24.95 Buy Now
  • 52 Show 'N Tell Nutrition Flash Cards for Kids

    52 Show 'N Tell Nutrition Flash Cards for Kids

    • We've got Math Cards
    • We've got Spelling Cards
    • Finally, Nutrition Cards that are E-Z & F-U-N
    $9.95 Buy Now
  • Portion Control Guide & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet - 50-Daily-Worksheets

    View Full Collection

    • Show 'N Tell Learning Tools
    • Show 'N Tell Living Tools
    • Show 'N Tell Nutrition Learning System Kits
    $3.95 - $49.95 View More (21)

Complete Kits

  • lifestyle porcelain plates for natural weight loss

    Lifestyle Starter Set

    • Every tool you need for making healthy eating a lifestyle
    • Perfect for natural weight loss, diabetes & cardiac management
    • Incl. practical spill-proof placemat System Discs & the indispensable Nutrition Quick Start guide
    $59.95 Buy Now
  • go healthy travel plastic plates for natural weight loss

    Go Healthy Travel Pack

    • Eating healthy away from home just got a great deal easier!
    • Freeze leftovers and simply pop the meal in the microwave to reheat.
    • Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Let Cheat Day be Friday!
    $29.95 Buy Now
  • Show N Tell Know-It-All Complete Nutrition Pack

    Know-It-All Complete Nutrition Pack

    • Complete Nutrition Tools for your child in a box!
    • E-Z, simple, safe and convenient
    • Let's make nutrition F-U-N again
    $49.95 Buy Now
  • Value Pack Portion Control Bundle 100x plates cups bowls

    100pcs Value Pack Portion Control Bundle

    • Take healthy eating habits anywhere life’s adventures may take you
    • Great for class meals, field trips, parties, picnics, barbeques, and so much more.
    • 100% compostable, recyclable, disposable. 100% Green! Be Eco!
    $29.95 Buy Now
  • Spanish Show N Tell Know-It-All Complete Nutrition Pack

    Spanish Know-It-All Complete Nutrition Pack

    • Don't feel left out if family time is in Spanish
    • Your kids need good nutrition habits too!
    • Everything you need in this box!
    $49.95 Buy Now

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  • Marcus,
    Alexandria, VA

    “Great tool to help me lose weight!
    The Go Healthy Travel Pack has proven to be a handy tool for packing the correct portions that I "should be" eating. Now, I'm no longer just using the travel plates to take lunch to work, I'm also using them to pack leftovers after cooking at home. They are convenient, compact and rugged for travel, and they really do work!!”

  • Linda
    Virginia Beach, VA

    “As a Registered Dietitian, I have counseled thousands of patients over the last twenty years on how to eat healthy. Eating is an experience. Therefore, the tools used to change a person's diet should be attractively functional (plates, bowls, and glasses). Precise Portions has the perfect dinnerware to meet my professional criteria. Their plates, bowls and little saucers are all marked in an attractive design to indicate portion amounts. I LOVE my dishes and my friends LOVE theirs!”

  • Jane D.
    Upstate New York, NY

    “Exceeding my best expectations by leaps and bounds! Since the set is so easy to use, it is helping me eat in a healthier manner. Because the pieces are such fine quality, and so pleasant to look at, I am inspired to WANT to use the set as much as possible, which helps me eat balanced meals more often.”

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