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- Linda B.

As a Registered Dietitian, I have counseled thousands of patients over the last twenty years on how to eat healthy. Eating is an experience. Therefore, the tools used to change a person's diet should be attractively functional (plates, bowls, and glasses). Precise Portions has the perfect dinnerware to meet my professional criteria. Their plates, bowls and little saucers are all marked in an attractive design to indicate portion amounts. I LOVE my dishes and all my friends LOVE theirs!

- Marcus M.

The Go Healthy Travel Pack has proven to be a handy tool for packing the correct portions that I "should be" eating. Now, I'm no longer just using the travel plates to take lunch to work, I'm also using them to pack leftovers after cooking at home. They are convenient, compact and rugged for travel, and they really do work!!


Nutrition & Portion Control Cereal & Snack Bowls Combo, Porcelain - Set of 4 ea. Overstock Sale! 100 Must Have Veggie Recipes - E-Cookbook 50 pg Double-Sided Meal & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet - English
Online Price: ONLY $39.95
Regular Price: $14.95
Regular Price:  $24.95  For Nutrition Educators!
Portion Control Plates and Bowls for Soups, Salads or Cereal; Porcelain 100 Must Have Veggie Recipes - E-Book Portion Control Guide & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet - 50 Daily Worksheets

With portion control measurements discreetly marked inside the bowl and an attractive exterior motif, use these and nobody will be the wiser! Soups/cereals look out...

A whole 1/2 of our plates should be filled with veggies if we want to eat well and get the right balance of nutrients!...

The Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet - 50 is designed for health educators looking for the perfect material to train your students & patients how to eat healthy. ...