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Eco 100% Compostable Dinner Plates (Set of 25 Plus Eat & Learn System Discs) 100 Must Have Veggie Recipes - E-Cookbook Spanish Meal & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet - 50pg, double-sided
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Eco 100% Compostable Portion Control 10" Plates (Set of 25) 100 Must Have Veggie Recipes - E-Book Spanish Portion Control Guide & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet - 50 Daily Worksheets

Afraid that you might let go of yourself during an out-door party or picnic? Don't be! Precise Portions now introduces 100% compostable, dietitian developed, microwave safe portion control plates. Each of our 10-inch nutrition disposable plates is made from earth-friendly recyclable natural fiber that is not only microwave safe, it is also freezer and cut resistant. No more guessing as to type and quantity of food to be served. Our 10-inch dinner plates with their embedded food group icons make portion control so easy...

A whole 1/2 of our plates should be filled with veggies if we want to eat well and get the right balance of nutrients!...

Now available in Spanish! The Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet - 50 is designed for health educators looking for the perfect material to train your Spanish speaking students & patients how to eat healthy. ...