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Simply Change HOW YOU EAT
and NOT WHAT YOU EAT & Lose Weight

Do NOT Read on If You Don't Care About…

  • Losing weight naturally and keeping it off for good. Wasting your hard-earned money on tricks and fads, which will only make you GAIN weight in the long run
  • Being tricked into buying cheap 'food plates' which turn out to be little more than ads for more expensive products
  • Keeping your body in optimal condition
  • Naturally enhancing the health and future of your family

Frequently Asked Questions

  • LOL! This is purely trust and commitment to your personal goal. Your food should not be more than 1-inch (2.5 cm) high on your plate. How do you estimate 1-inch? Well, on average, that is about the length between the top knuckle of your thumb and the tip of your thumb, plus or minus. Measure yours to see how you can use it as a gauge. Honor rule applies. No cheating :)

  • Absolutely! All of our reusable products are dishwasher and microwave safe. Have no fear on this at all.

  • Very carefully. We want you to be 100% satisfied and that starts with all items intact when you open the box. We use robust and secure packaging designed to withstand a 4-foot drop without buckling or becoming compromised. No rattling around when you shake the box. Additionally, our kits are designed to meet the standard UPS 200-lb per square inch bursting strength test. Since 2010, we have had one or two rare incidents where replacement items had to be shipped due to breakage. Very rare indeed, and you are protected with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take shipping very seriously and are happy to report NO BREAKAGE to date with items shipped as far as the UK, Australia and South Africa.

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What Our Customers Say About The Kits

- Linda B.

As a Registered Dietitian, I have counseled thousands of patients over the last twenty years on how to eat healthy. Eating is an experience. Therefore, the tools used to change a person's diet should be attractively functional (plates, bowls, and glasses). Precise Portions has the perfect dinnerware to meet my professional criteria. Their plates, bowls and little saucers are all marked in an attractive design to indicate portion amounts. I LOVE my dishes and my friends LOVE theirs!

-Marcus C.

The Go Healthy Travel Pack has proven to be a handy tool for packing the correct portions that I "should be" eating. Now, I'm no longer just using the travel plates to take lunch to work, I'm also using them to pack leftovers after cooking at home. They are convenient, compact and rugged for travel, and they really do work!!

Our Featured Products


  • Feel More Confident, Healthier, Fitter, Sexier!
  • Lose weight & keep it off naturally.
  • Easily take the guesswork out of eating well.

Travel Packs

  • Visual Nutrition Learning... Anywhere!
  • Sustained weight control, even on the go.
  • For portion-controlled dieting; reverse overeating.

Show 'N Tell Kids

  • It's Not Dinnerware, It's Health Care!
  • E-Z for you to teach. E-Z for your kids to learn.
  • A lifetime of good nutrition choices to prevent childhood obesity.

ECO line

  • E-Z Healthy Eating Habits.. Naturally... Wherever, Whenever!
  • Sustained weight control.
  • Maintain optimum family diet & health.

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